As the world continues to celebrate and remember the life of Prince, one year after his death on April 21, 2016, it seems the iconic singer has hit another milestone.

According to Nielson Music, Prince's albums and songs sold 7.7 million copies since his death, ending in the week of April 13. Of the sales, 2.3 million were traditional album and song sales, while 5.4 million were from digital song downloads. HIs traditional album sales even outsold Adele, who sold 2.1 million albums. Most of the album sales were made within the month following his untimely death, with 5.65 million sales registered between April 21 and May 19, 2016.

In other music related news, his posthumous EP, Deliverance is on hold after being yanked from all digital platforms. The release was blocked by Prince's estate and Paisley Park, who in the lawsuit stated that the EP could damage the interests of Prince and Paisley Park both “permanently and irreparably.”


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