Pronto Pups has been re-opened for almost a month. With Governor Whitmer ending Michigan's Stay Home Order next week you may be venturing out to Grand Haven.

Pronto Pups - $1.75 each (tax included) Fountain drinks (Coke products) - $0.50 for a small, $1.00 for a large Pronto Pups DO contain gluten, dairy, and eggs. Nut allergy safe. Hot dogs contain sodium nitrite. (For me 2 to 3 seems perfect)

So here's what the owners of Pronto Pubs are saying about what to expect on their Facebook Page.

Pronto Pups is concerned with your safety, but no one at Pronto Pup can or will force anyone:

1) "To remain 6 feet apart" Although they do recommend Social Distancing and they do have markings on the sidewalk. Though they do not extend far enough to include long lines they're seeing on the weekends.

2) "To wear a mask" Though recommended  they'd like to remind you that choosing to follow the CDC’s recommendations is as much a safety measure to protect yourself as it is to protect those around you.

Pronto Pups but they are concerned with your safety above all else and are asking anyone who visits to follow these recommendations above.

They are elated to be back in business and grateful for such a great re-opening and look forward to seeing you this summer on your visits to Grand Haven.



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