They (meaning Hollywood and TV executives) have run out of ideas. Word from the left coast is they are casting the new--wait for it--"Gilliagns' Island" movie. No, that isn't a 50 year old TV show getting the big screen treatment for the first time. *Eyes rolling*

Now TLC has rolled out a new show. Proof that almost ANY profession can be turned into a TV show. It's called "Buying Naked" It's about a gated nudist home community north of Tampa, Florida, and the lady who sells the real estate. To nudists. The show is mostly the nude.

Now they use cute cover ups (one lady had 3 cans in front of her chest--nice) and show very little actual nudity (you do see butt cracks). Also not that I have been to any nudist camps, but the other TV shows I have seen done about nudists have always had, let's just say, less than attractive nude people. THIS show had almost HOT nude people. Very toned and fit.

Here's the trailer. It debuted Wednesday night on TLC, but now I cant find it on again for the next 10 days...hmmmm. AA show about nudists on right before Christmas. Why wouldn't THAT work?