Michigan state lawmakers introduced legislation that would extend the 10-cent deposit in Michigan to non-carbonated containers and force retailers to take all returnable containers even if the store does not sell that brand.

Bills were introduced to update the 40 year old law to include all non-carbonated beverages, except milk containers. The bill would allow you to take any bottle or can to any store in Michigan. It would also allow any store under 4,000 square feet to set a limit of $10 per day.

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Michigan has a 90% return rate. Michigan Environmental Council Police Director Sean Hammond told WWMT TV,

“Expanding the number of containers covered by the 10-cent deposit and making it easier to return any bottle to any major store, is a consumer-friendly change that not only keeps our environment clean but makes returning bottles and cans even more convenient for Michiganders.”

The Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association and Michigan Soft Drink Association have been advocating for the change since August 2020.

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Nick Occhipinti, the government affairs director for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, said,

“This common-sense legislation builds upon the success of our current bottle return program and will ensure the continued provision of much needed funds to clean up contaminated sites and ensure Michiganders have clean, safe drinking water.”

If this happens the bill could provide $25 million to address contaminated sites across the state.

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