That's what people are asking in Maine. "Wanna buy a kwikie?" But it's not what you think. It's a new Maine lottery ticket scratch off game. The Lottery wants to rename some of their tickets as "kwikies" but women who work in the stores that sell the tickets are having a problem with the new name.

From this story "Maine wants to name instant lottery tickets “Kwikies” – crude or clever?" the uproar has started.

"Store owners and workers aren’t happy about that. One owner says the new name would make his female clerks very uncomfortable. A 19-year-old convenience store worker says she doesn’t like older men making sexual remarks to her.

But lottery officials say the name has nothing to do with sex. They say scratch-off tickets are supposed to be quick, easy and fun. The “Kwikie” name won’t be used for at least a month, if at all. The state will seek out public opinion before making the change."

So what do you think?

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