My wife and I were driving around this weekend when we passed a pizza parlor with a very interesting offering on the billboard. Pumpkin Spice Pizza! Are they serious?!?

Had to do a double take on this sign. - TownSquare Media

Thankfully, no they are not serious.

Saturday morning, we had no place in particular to be. So we were out for a ride just cruising around getting more familiar with the area (since we moved to town just a year ago).

After a while we decided we needed to head back home, so we're cruising down Chicago Drive when I noticed this sign. I did have to do a double take, my wife almost hurled at the thought of a pumpkin spice pizza. Then she hates pumpkin spice everything.

Anyway, did a u-turn to take a picture because I know no one would believe me if I told them about it.

I would have gone in to ask them about the pumpkin spiced pizza but, it seems they're only open for dinner. Ah well, some other time perhaps. Not bad reviews on Yelp either. Everybody talks about how they're super friendly.

Would you try pumpkin spice pizza?