We live in Beer City USA. It's no surprise that if you have a hankering for a beer of some sort and you are over 21, you can find it. Almost everywhere.

It's kind of like finding slot machines anywhere in Las Vegas.

The reality is you can find good craft beer options almost anywhere in Grand Rapids.

And now the folks at Kent District Library can help you in the making of beer.

KDL puts the "Ale" in KDL with beer tastings and info into learning about home brewing and brewing at your favorite locations.

"The Kent District Library is putting the 'pub' in public library starting next month. With the growing popularity of the craft beer industry in West Michigan, KDL decided to begin offering free home brewing classes, brewery tours, brewery book discussions and beer tastings in January and February 2014. For more information and to register for certain programs, call (616) 784-2007.

A sample of some of the breweries include Rockford Brewing Company and Schmozhs' And an appearance by "Beervangelist" Fred Bueltmann from New Holland Brewing Company.

Great way to start the new year! With a beer! That rhymes!