Hot on the heels of their new movie Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen have announced a six-figure series of Funko Pop! figures. And frontman Freddie Mercury gets half of them all to himself.

The charismatic and fashion-forward singer is featured wearing three different outfits -- a harlequin jumpsuit, the white-suit-and-yellow-jacket combo he wore for the band's famous 1986 Wembley Stadium show and the shirtless karate look he sported on tour in support of 1982's Hot Space.

Drummer Roger Taylor, bassist John Deacon and guitarist Brian May -- whose figure sports an especially impressive head of hair as well as the famous "red special" guitar -- all get their own Pop!s too. All six figures are expected to hit stores some time in December. Mercury's Hot Space figure will be available exclusively at FYE stores.

Special preview showings of Bohemian Rhapsody last night reportedly earned a robust $3.9 million. The movie is expected to top the box office this weekend, with between $35 and $40 million in ticket sales.

Be sure to check out our Bohemian Rhapsody: Fact vs. Fiction feature, where we examine just how accurately the film represents the key moments in the band's career.


Freddie Mercury 'Harlequin Jumpsuit' Funko Pop! Figure

Brian May Funko Pop! Figure

Freddie Mercury 'Hot Space' Funko Pop! Figure

Roger Taylor Funko Pop! Figure

Freddie Mercury 'Wembley 1986' Funko Pop! Figure

John Deacon Funko Pop! Figure



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