Remember when you could kill an hour easy just perusing the Radio Shack at the Woodland Mall while you waited for your Mom and sister to get done school shopping?

Radio Shack put a bunch of stuff found in their offices up for grabs on the internet. So if you need a 1984 answering machine or a drawer full of remotes, this is the place to go.

When I had my mobile DJ business back in the day, a stop at the Radio Shack on Alpine Avenue to keep my gear up to date was a regular occurrence. If they didn't have it, I was sunk.

That's why it's sad to see it has come to this, a close out auction online for old Radio Shack stuff found during the dismantling of their corporate offices.

This page from the Consumerist web site highlights some of the nostalgic items up for grabs at the UBid Auction web site. You can bid on this stuff until July 5, so I would get on it if I were you.

UBid puts it into a solid historical perspective:

Over the years, RadioShack introduced consumers to exciting and affordable gadgets and electronics that have become household items. As we cleaned out our historic archives in Fort Worth, Texas, we uncovered a cache of iconic memorabilia in 12 huge safes, including: unused original TRS-80 Microcomputers, Realistic Transistor Radios, Tandy computer software games, original brick cell phones and so much more. We all remember coming into RadioShack whether it was for the battery-of-the-month, new walkie-talkies, or to check out the newest RC toy cars. Now we reintroduce many of those nostalgic items and more with our rolling online memorabilia auction.

Here's some of the goofier items:

1. A drawer full of remotes -- Doesn't every house in America already have one of these? I may have two at my house. No one has bid on this yet, so you can get it real cheap. I'm not sure why you would want it.


2. Old School Cell Phones. Remember when cell phones were huge and you had to carry them in a box? I do, and I have no desire to go back and experience that again, but maybe you do. I love how they refer to these as 'vintage' to appeal to hipsters.


3. A Fax Machine -- Just set this up in your house, and watch as your puzzled friends glare at it, afraid to ask why you still have one hooked up to your non-existant landline. Only three bucks right now. 


4. A Lance Armstrong bike racing jersey. Yup, the world's most renown cheater used to race for the Radio Shack cycling team. Hang it up, and then when someone gives you some crap, go off on a Bill Burr like rant on how Armstrong was misunderstood.

5. The world's largest answering machine. If there's anything that will make everyone in your circle friends question your sanity, it's an answering machine that is as big as your dining room table. 


And did you know CB Radios are making a comeback? I may have made that up, but Radio Shack used to be on the top floor of the biggest craze in America since the Pet Rock, and don't you forget it!