A video I stumbled across is called 'A City On The Move', and while it is positive, it pronounces a few local places wrong, comes up with names for things that we don't use, and has 'interesting' music choices.

I'm not perfect. I make a lot of mistakes, and so does this video about Grand Rapids I stumbled across online.

Produced by TampaAerialMedia, the video takes a very positive spin on everything in Grand Rapids.

Okay, it's voiced by a guy with a quirky voice, they mispronounce some local terms like Versluis Park, and call the River Walk the 'Riverledge Trail' and Riverside Park is identified by a graphic that calls it the 'Comstock Riverside Park' , which may be a bit archaic.

I'll overlook those flaws for anyone who praises 'The Castle' in Grandville. Have a look.

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