During the early and mid 1980s, Rax Roast Beef restaurants were once as common as their competitor Arby's, including several locations around Michigan. The chain is still around - but barely. Here's where you can still enjoy Fast Food With Style.

Rax was founded in Ohio and the Buckeye State remains the chain's base of operations. At the company's mid-1980s peak, the chain had more than 500 locations including two in the Kalamazoo area and 6 in Grand Rapids.

In addition to the regular roast beef, the signature sandwich from Rax, which is still available, is the BBC - Beef Bacon and Cheese which features

Thin sliced Rax Roast Beef stacked high on a toasted corn dusted steak bun topped with Rax B.B.C.® Cheese Sauce and Bacon Strips.

There are 6 Rax restaurants in central and southern Ohio as well as one in Kentucky and one in Joliet, Illinois (pictured above).

Take a look back at look inside a Rax from the early 1990s.

Rax TV Commercial

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