A Michigan township worker had to get 13 stitches after being sliced by razor blades taped to a Trump sign.

WDIV 4 reports that the incident happened in Commerce Township this week.

A worker spotted political signs placed too close to the road. In Commerce Township, political signs have to be more than 33 feet from the center of the road.

Commerce Township Supervisor Dave Scott tells WDIV,

He pulled over, reached down to grab it... He actually thought it was electrified. He jumped and let go of it, looked at his hand and realized he was bleeding aggressively...

Razor blades had been attached to the sign.

The worked drove himself to the hospital where he got thirteen stitches in his fingers.

The homeowner says her signs had recently been stolen and then returned. She says she was unaware of any razor blades.

According to the county Sheriff's office, a total of two signs had razor blades.

Scott tells WDIV he's,

“Very angry. Very upset. Why would someone set a boobytrap sign to harm someone? A child could have picked it up."

Commerce Township officials continue to investigate and say they may pursue legal action.

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