I know two rules for life. One, treat anyone who brings you food with respect, so they don't spit in it. And two, never shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving unless you have a death wish. Still, millions will trek out as early as 10pm on Thanksgiving night to get started. So the lady in the Target commercials is a perfect example on how to be ready for the crowds.

Have you seen this commercial?

That was the 2010 version, since Target is opening this year at Midnight, not 4am like last year.

The first thing I notice is she is a blond female version of Steve Carell.

Second, I know it's just a commercial, but wow is this lady a nut! She looks creepy telling herself in the mirror "You WILL win this". Like it's a game. I guess it is. Still she is nuts!

So enjoy Black Friday...err THURSDAY, since everyone is opening at midnight or earlier. One week away!