Kalamazoo has gotten the green light from the city commission and recreational marijuana will be coming to new store near you.

The Kalamazoo City Commission took some time to develop zoning regulations in order to protect children, schools, businesses and churches.


Social equity is a part of the commissions plan which come with discounts on licensing fees for those who qualify. You just have to be a resident of three years or longer to apply.


Some residents are concerned with too many people getting approved to sell but as we have seen all across the state, only a few businesses meet each cities criteria. Its pretty much the first couple who get approved usually dominant the market and creates the need for less shops to actually open.

If you plan on opening up shop and get in the weed biz, the zoning changes begin May 28. June 1 will be when the city begins excepting applications. Just keep in mind you will need to get approved by the state and locally before you can actually begin recreational sales of marijuana.

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