It's not too late to get down to Texas to help out victims of Hurricane Harvey.  12 Michigan Red Cross volunteers made the trip to Texas last weekend to spend a minimum of 2 weeks helping out the victims Harvey.

You can help out too by taking the Zero to Hero crash course, a volunteer training course, which will get you ready to go help out in Texas.  WZZM13 spoke with West Michigan Red Cross Director Mike Mitchell about the details of the program:

In order to be deployed you do need to be 17 years or older, able to lift 50 pounds and be mobile. Red Cross pays for flights, shelter and food, so the volunteers will not be losing any money in doing this.

Felons are not permitted to volunteer in any capacity for the organization.

To get started as a trained Red Cross volunteer, you can reach out to the Michigan Red Cross at (616) 456-8661.  You can also out find more about the Michigan Red Cross and how to volunteer at

If you can't find the time to volunteer but you are looking to make a monetary donation, you can find a list of some great organizations to donate to here.

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