Get the most out of your beach day by relaxing in a cabana the next time you're in Grand Haven.

WOOD-TV reports that these were recently introduced to the Grand Haven State Park and are available for people to rent out. It's basically a cozy pod that you can have to yourself or share with another person... but why do that?

Each cabana reclines all the way back and comes with foot rests, pillows, foldable side tables, and pockets for storage. This sounds way cooler than lying on a towel. The owner of GH Beach Cabanas told WOOD-TV the cabanas are perfectly suited for Grand Haven because

They are made for the north shore of Germany, the Baltic coast. That area is similar to Lake Michigan and Lake Superior...

You can rent the cabanas by the hour, 4 and 8-hour blocks, or all day. They even have sunset rentals available starting at 7p for $20. If you call Grand Haven your home, even better because residents get a discount. You can get more info and make your reservation here.

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