You've driven by that monstrosity along the Ford Freeway, now feel what's it like to spend a night there. Hopefully, Dracula won't bite.

The giant castle, whose design is based on the Neuschwanstein Castle in southwest Bavaria, has been considered an eyesore by many who drive by it every day, but maybe we're all just haters.

Maybe, if we spend a night at the big castle, we'll understand the beauty of medieval living, updated with 2021 amenities.

The Grand Castle, which according to the rental ad posted on Vrbo, is the second largest castle structure in the world, is offering one of its rooms for nightly stays for just $171 a night, which is comparable to many higher end hotels in the area.

The Vrbo ad promises:

Outdoor heated saltwater pool, state of the art fitness center, free on-site covered parking, 2 Bedrooms with a King or Queen bed, 2 Spacious baths (at least 1 bathtub), fully stocked kitchen, Sofa bed or air mattress (air mattress??)

In all honesty, the photos make it look downright comfortable, I think this may be a pretty good deal.

But the ad also is clear, there will be NO POOL FOR YOU!!

**The pool is closed for the season. Estimated reopening date is Memorial Day Weekend 2022**

There is also a 'Beauty and the Beast' replicate library for you to peruse (not picture, unfortunately), and masks are optional, so no mandate protests or yelling will be necessary.

You've seen it, now BOOK IT! Get out there and  gather all your Dracula homies and get yourself a nice weekend at the Grand Castle for Halloween. You'll be glad you did, or will you?


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