All those people who say TV isn't what it used to be, are plain wrong. Cable and the delivery method might be at risk, but the box with the wires and the screen is doing just fine.

A new study by the LG company--who makes many electronics including TV's--has proven the TV is not only used more than ever before for entertainment but also for companionship. The story "Man's New Best Friend: TV Is A Constant Companion For U.S. Consumers"

""Today's televisions offer so many viewing innovations that it's no surprise to us that more consumers can't live without them," said David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics USA. "Viewing habits have evolved significantly with the help of features like LG Smart TV that make enjoying all the entertainment you want simpler than ever. Today's consumers count on their TVs to be integral parts of their daily lives, and we're pleased that LG TVs play that role."

Key findings of the survey, commissioned by LG Electronics USA, include:

Pillow Talk: Twenty-two percent of Americans admit to watching or listening to the TV while they are intimate with their partners.
Rise and shine! More than one-third of Americans (38 percent) turn their televisions on as soon as they wake up.
Sleep tight! Nearly two-thirds (61 percent) fall asleep with the TV on.
Honey, I'm home! Nearly half (45 percent) of all Americans switch their televisions on within 15 minutes of arriving home."

It's true for me, too. I often have the TV on when I'm doing other things. It's on right now while I type this very sentence. Love live the TV!


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