Earlier this year, we told you about a dog that was fished out of the Detroit River by a passer by, well that dog has found a home.

You may remember the story of the dog, who had survived icy nights and an attack by a coyote. Jude Mead rescued the dog from an ice flow in the river, and took him in to a River Rouge animal hospital to be treated.

The dog was named Fonzi (short for Alfonzo) by the staff of the hospital shortly after his rescue.

Several people stepped forward to claim the dog, but none could provide substantial proof, or a good reason why the dog was left to fend for himself.

This week, it became official, Fonzi was awarded to Mead, the guy who had risked himself to get the dog off the ice flow. Mead works at J & J Marine in River Rouge.

The Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter says in a Facebook post that after a stringent adoption application process, it was decided that the man who saved the dog "was the very best fit for him."

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