When it comes to barbecue you could sit and watch your meat for hours making sure the meat is cooked fully through. Or, you could rig up a rotisserie using the power of a river and drink beer all day. Your call.

I barbecued a lot as a kid. In my childhood home in Shreveport, LA we had a huge grill (we called it the fire pit) and a swimming pool. Most of my childhood memories involved grilling and swimming. Because when it's 101 and humid and you're grilling the swimming pool feels that much better.

Anyway, I guess we could have rigged something similar. My favorite thing to do was to make a whirlpool in my swimming pool and float on the current. If I could have harnessed all of that childhood energy into running around the edge of the pool to make the water swirl around and stuck a waterwheel in the pool some how. I would have never have had to leave the water.

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