Rob Bliss is getting ready to host his second annual Electronic Music Fest. And he still owes the city money. Almost $5,200 from last years' festival. He also owes almost $27,000 from the giant water slide from last year. So the City brought all this up last night when deciding to let him have an exemption to the sound curfew.

Bliss feels the fest would not be able to be viable if the show had to end at 10pm, the city's normal sound curfew. But city leaders feel Bliss should pay his debt's first before allowing the extension. Last night the city came up with a repayment plan and made the extension of time.

That brings up the point, should people who owe the city money get special treatment when it comes to things like this? If you or I owed $1500 in parking tickets, would we be able to close off our city street to host a yard sale? Probably not...

Here's the story from the GR Press/ "Rob Bliss organized music fest to go on as scheduled, plans in works for him to pay $30,000 in debt"

What do YOU think?