There's no other way to begin this story other than by saying Rob Lowe could've slept with Madonna. In 1984. That is, until he messed up his chances. In his new memoir, 'Love Life,' the 'Parks and Recreation' star opens up about the time he could've done it with the Material Girl… until he made one wrong move.

As the former Brat Pack member tells it, he and Madonna met after a show in Los Angeles, and the iconic singer, then 25, invited him backstage.

“She had flawless skin and eyes that imparted secrets … she asked what movie I was working on and so I told her a little about ‘St. Elmo’s Fire,’ which I had just finished," Lowe recalls (quotes via New York Post). "‘I play the bad boy,’ I said. Madonna just smiled. She seemed to like that.”

The stars then agreed to meet several months later at the Palladium, which, as Lowe describes, was “a giant dance club that was filled with rabid ‘boy-toy’ doppelganger fans of both sexes. It was a madhouse.”

“Madonna and I were discussing where we would sneak off to at the end of the evening when she suddenly jumped up and said, ‘Let’s dance!’. . . ‘I’ll wait here,’" Lowe remembers saying, having no desire to mingle with the fans.

“‘You’re crazy,’ I said, half meaning it," he continues. And that's when he messed up. Madonna instantly got defensive and replied: "‘No I’m not,’ she said . . . ‘I’m just not going to let success f– up my fun.’”


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