Fans of rockets heading into space will soon not have to drive across the country to witness a launch into space and maybe even take a ride.

According to FOX 17, a new facility located in Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport in Iosco County will be launching rockets and offering rides to tourists in sub orbital space.

The executive director of MAMA, Gavin Brown said, "this is an exciting next step in the process of developing Michigan's ecosystem of space technology. While much work lies ahead, we are pleased to share these initial results from our due diligence. Such a facility would solidify Michigan's leadership role in the aerospace and defense industry while becoming an important economic catalyst."

The state of Michigan has granted $2 million to help develop the launch site in the state as well as possible other locations.

The facility is estimated at having a $3.2 trillion impact on the economy and this will lead to lots of jobs for the state of Michigan.

Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport was one of 8 airports that were looked at across the state.

The FAA will still need to approve the site.

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