Roger Waters formerly of Pink Floyd, brought his "This Is Not a Drill Tour" to Detroit's Little Caesars Arena. Check out the review, the set list, and the gallery.

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Roger Waters and Pink Floyd

Tommy Carroll/TSM
Tommy Carroll/TSM

I wasn't old enough to see Pink Floyd when Roger Waters was still a band member. I was able to catch Pink Floyd on the Division Bell tour at the Pontiac Silverdome and it was a fantastic experience. You can see what I saw back in 94 in the video below.

After seeing Roger Waters concert film "Us + Them" at a movie theatre, I knew the next time he comes around I need to see his show. Finally, after two years of pandemic postponed shows, I got to see the master in person.

Roger Waters This Is Not A Drill

Tommy Carroll/TSM
Tommy Carroll/TSM

Finally, I made it to see the man behind some of the biggest albums of all time, Roger Waters.

Tommy Carroll/TSM
Tommy Carroll/TSM

Roger Waters brought the "This Is Not A Drill" tour to Little Caesars Arena in Detroit on July 23, 2022. This was my first time at the arena and was very impressed with the layout.

There is no opener for Roger Waters. His show is so long that they do take a 15-minute intermission halfway through the show.

Tommy Carroll/TSM
Tommy Carroll/TSM

The above photo is what I saw when I entered Little Caesars Arena. The show was in the round with giant video screens separating the four quadrants of the stage. I was lucky enough to be seated a few rows from the stage.

The show was amazing. The 78-year-old Waters still sounds incredible and he and his band gave the fans a very special evening. The sound was pristine and the visuals never disappoint. The show was scaled back a lot from the Us + Them tour but the music was just as powerful.

Roger Waters This Is Not A Drill Set List

Tommy Carroll/TSM
Tommy Carroll/TSM

17 of the 23 songs Waters performed were from his Pink Floyd days but being the primary songwriter for Floyd, his 6 solo cuts fit in the set perfectly.

Set 1:

  1. Comfortably Numb - (New subdued arrangement)
  2. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
  3. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2
  4. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3
  5. The Powers That Be
  6. The Bravery of Being Out of Range
  7. The Bar
  8. Have a Cigar
  9. Wish You Were Here
  10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  11. Sheep - (15-Minute Intermission)
  12. In The Flesh?
  13. Run Like Hell
  14. Deja Vu
  15. Is This the Life We Really Want?
  16. Money
  17. Us and Them
  18. Any Colour You Like
  19. Brain Damage
  20. Eclipse
  21. Two Suns in the Sunset
  22. The Bar (Reprise)
  23. Outside the Wall

The show started off with a slower subdued version of Comfortably Numb. It started very soft and built up as the band went through the song. The video screens lifted unveiling the whole band and Roger Waters.

Waters had microphones and catwalks on all four sides of the arena and moved around to a different section for each song to perform.

Roger Waters and his band are still carrying the torch for his former band Pink Floyd and performing the catalog at a top-notch level.

It's a shame that Roger Waters, David Gilmour, and Nick Mason will never play together again but if you are a Pink Floyd fan, do yourself the favor and try and catch Roger Waters before this tour ends. It may be your last chance to hear those songs performed live by an original member ever again.

Below is a gallery of photos I was able to take while at the show.

Roger Waters This is Not a Drill Tour

I was lucky enough to catch Roger Waters on the "This Is Not A Drill Tour" at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit on Saturday, July 23, 2022. A show that was originally scheduled for 2020 but was postponed because of the pandemic.

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