I guess it goes to show that everybody can have a bad day at the office. Actors are no different. Find out which movies almost drove big name actors like Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Sir Ian McKellen, Al Pachino, and Emma Watson to say the words "I quit!" Find out here!

It can seem like Hollywood is all glitz and glamour, but while the idea of being famous is appealing to many of us, a lot of real, hard work goes into movies behind the scenes. That work can test a person's limits not just as an actor but as a human being.

I honestly wasn't expecting this YouTube video to be as interesting or informative as it was.

From artistic disagreements, to feeling all alone with a green screen, to being tired of the hype machine.

Imagine if Sir Ian or Emma Watson walked - what would their movies have been like with a new actor in the role? Who would have been a good replacement?

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