Detroit Red Wings fans haven't had much to cheer about recently, but a soon to be released documentary will highlight the Red Wings return to glory in the '90s.

The film "The Russian Five" premiered last April at the Freep Film Festival in Detroit. The team announced the film will finally make its way to theaters on March 22 across the state of Michigan. Including locally at the Celebration Cinema locations.

The film highlights the five Russian hockey players (Sergei Federov, Igor Larianov, Slava Kozlov, Slava Fetisov and Sergei Federov) who were recruited by the Red Wings to become among the first Russian players to play in the NHL, and who in turn led the team back to glory.

It highlights how the team went under cover to get the players to leave the Soviet National Team and come to America.

Director Joshua Riehl said he is "thrilled" to finally have the film available in theaters.

"I think that the communal experience of watching a movie in the theater together with your friends and family is especially important for 'The Russian Five.' We watched and cheered on our Red Wings together at the Joe, so being able to watch the film in a theater full of Red Wings fans, with everyone reliving these memories together, really is the ultimate viewing experience."

It’s really not about Russians or Americans or Canadians, and it’s really not even about hockey. It’s a human story, and I promise you once you step into the theater you will laugh and you will cry and you will leave a slightly different person.”




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