Seems like every Wine Wednesday I've been ordering pizza. So since pizza is served at a lot of Italian Restaurants I thought this week we could spotlight an old favorite. Chianti.

You may remember this round style wine bottle with straw bottom that your parents put a candle in it. If you've been watching Disney+ with your kids you may have also seen this bottle in "Lady and The Tramp" from 2019. and was featured in Lady . That type of bottle is called a Fiasco. And oddly enough you can still get Chianti in this style of bottle today. But let me turn you on to a few that are very affordable and very tasty.

First of all what is Chianti? It's an Italian wine from the Tuscany region. It is sourced with Sangiovese and unless it's a Chianti Classico it may also have white wine grapes. The white wine will add to the sweetness. And if it's Chianti Classico then it's all Sangiovese. And if you've had a Super Tuscan wine it has Sangiovese in it and means you'll like Chianti. It does go really well with Pizza.

Chianti Pairings - it would go well with Fettunccine Michael at Pietro's Italian Restaurant or Gypsy Capellini at Vitale's on Leonard. Both open for take-out.

Here's a few options:

Ruffino Chianti Superiore - was under $13

Santa Margherita Chianti Classico Riserva. One of the most popular names in Italian wine - you may already know their Pinot Grigio. This is also under $15

Gabbiano Chianti Classico was on sale at Meijer until end of the month for $12.99

That's three really good options with a lot of flavor that will taste great with tonight's pizza delivery or take out Italian pasta.


Ciao! Chianti

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