Just when we thought we were going to catch a weather break, a second ice storm rolls in bringing down more trees and power lines causing leaving nearly 100,000 people without power all across West Michigan.

According to WOOD, as of 10 a.m. Thursday, Consumers Energy posted an outage map that includes nearly 100,000 customers without power all across the state of Michigan with Kent County being hit the hardest.

Here are the numbers so far for West Michigan counties with customers who do not have power:

  • Ionia County - 7,5222
  • Kent County - 62,917
  • Montcalm County - 4,200
  • Muskegon County - 8,803
  • Newaygo County - 300
  • Ottawa County - 7,106

Many customers are not expected to have power restored until Thursday night.

If you or anyone in your family cannot stay in your home during the outage please call 211 for information on available shelters.

If you are using a generator, make sure to keep them outside and not in a garage or shed to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

1,100 employees are working to restore power to customers while crews from Kentucky are also coming in to help with the problems.

If you see a downed power line, stay away from it and call 911 first so the police know, then contact Consumers at 800-477-5050.


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