As unlikely as it seems, a group of explorers claim to have discovered an abandoned underground nuclear military base in West Michigan between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

The alleged West Michigan base, to which they give no specific location other than an arrow pointing along US 131 south of Grand Rapids near what would be the communities of Dorr or Moline, is called a "nuclear military base."

The video claims to have visited the site and taken photos, however the rugged mountainous terrain doesn't look much like woodsy West Michigan.

Further, the video claims the site contains high levels of radiation, is guarded periodically and would pose a high risk to an adventure seeker.

The video contains a half-dozen other alleged secret and underground sites around the state.

There's very little info provided and the photos don't depict much, so we'll leave the interpretation up to you as to the authenticity of the video.

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