You may be feeling extra generous this holiday season but don't get fooled for doing a good deed.

You've probably seen "holiday gift exchange" posts circle Facebook the past few weeks that basically asks you to participate in a Secret Santa with a bunch of people you don't know. The point is to buy a gift for one "secret sister" and in return you would receive 6-36 gifts for yourself. I actually got tagged on Facebook to be a part of this gift exchange.

Let's create some positivity over the next few weeks leading up to the holidays ... Anyone interested in a holiday gift exchange?! It doesn't matter where you live, you are welcome to join.
I need 6 (or more) ladies of any age to participate in a secret sister gift exchange.
You only have to buy ONE gift valued at $10 (or more) and send it to ONE secret sister. Afterwards, you will receive 6-36 gifts in return!! It all depends how many ladies join.
Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the information! Please don't ask to participate if you're not going to follow through with sending one $10 gift.
Comment below if you're in & I'll send you the details via fb messenger - if they are confusing at all, please let me know!!
My friend did this last year and received so many cute gifts!! It was exciting for her to receive packages in her mailbox!!
If I didn't tag you, it doesn't mean you can't participate. I just did a quick run through. This will be super fun!!!
Thank you
Anyone can play doesn't matter if u were tagged!!

Sounds like a nice idea but don't fall for it! It is a scam! And, if you haven't noticed yet, it's also a pyramid scheme... a scheme that can actually land you in jail for up to two years. According to WXYZ Detroit,

This is because paying $10 in a gift exchange for an unknown number of gifts is considered gambling, and gambling using the mail is illegal.

It's also considered a type of a chain letter, which is illegal when money or items of value is being requested. In addition, some people won't even receive the gifts that's promised in return.

I've already seen many friends on my Facebook volunteering to take part in this so if you see the same thing make sure to warn them not to participate in the "Secret Sister Gift Exchange."

Instead, just stick to good ol' fashioned Secret Santa... in real life.

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