How big of a story would the damage caused by a rising Lake Michigan be if it weren't for the pandemic? 

High winds kicked up the waves again on a rising Lake Michigan, wiping out a popular northern Michigan lakeshore trail, and putting more homes in jeopardy.

Eight to twelve foot swells Monday took out a section of the Little Traverse Wheelway near Petoskey, another sign of the problem erosion is causing to many property owners.

The section of the Wheelway affected was between Magnus Campground and East Park, and eroded away about 100 yards of the trail.

It's just another sign of how quick shoreline is getting eaten up by high winds, high water, and the resulting erosion.

"More yard keeps going out and as you can see the water just looked like chocolate and that's my garden that's going away," Tracy Raz, an East Bay resident told UpNorthLive Tuesday morning. 'We had a lot more footage out there --- it's probably taken, I would say, about 15 feet of our yard."

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