When Dan Magennis called Comcast to inquire about his cable service, he had no idea it would change his life.

Magennis placed a call to Comcast last Tuesday, and began slurring his words, he then couldn't speak at all and the line went quiet.

The operator on the other end, Kimberly Williams of Jackson, MS could have hung up, but she recognized the symptom of a possible stroke because of her grandmother, and quickly googled numbers for first responders in Walker, where Magennis lives.

"The way he was trying to respond, that's the way my grandma was responding to me and I will never forget that," Williams told WZZM by phone Thursday. 

The responders were able to get to Magennis through his garage and transported him to Spectrum Health, where doctors say the quick thinking may have saved Magennis' life.

"Had this person not intervened and just hung up the phone, I think [Magennis] likely would've had a very large left-sided stroke that would've left him with significant disability," Dr. Justin Singer of Spectrum told WZZM-13 News. "Under certain circumstances someone can even die from a very large stroke."

The grateful Magennis was released from Spectrum with no damage due to the stroke, thanks to Williams. And he admits he may have missed a warning sign earlier, when he temporarily lost sight in one eye.





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