This time around, the rowdy neighbors aren't frat boys.

This movie series makes a pretty good case to not live near a college campus.

I saw the original Neighbors movie staring Efron and Rogen, and it was pretty good. Dirty, dirty humor, but a fun movie nonetheless. Seth Rogen's character is just trying to live a happy quite life in a home near a college campus. Zac's character is the leader of the biggest party frat in the college and is throwing huge parties all the time. Oil meets water, crazy and silliness ensue. The emerge sort of friends with Efron out of college as a male model standing outside of an American Eagle or some such store.

Happy ending right?

Not for Rogen and his family according to this trailer.

Which might I add, came out of no where. I had no clue they were even working on a sequel. Or that this movie even needed one to be honest.

Looks fun though, although, after my wife saw the bikini on the car scene, I got the "We're not going to see this movie, are we? Correct, we are not" vibe from her. Then again it could also be I said I was "...going to do the dishes before work" and yet they are still dirty vibe I was getting.