First there was the King of infomercials, Billy Mays. Then his heir apparent, Anthony Sullivan. Then came along...the enemy. Vince Offer. You know, the Shamwow guy. The double entendre king. In his commercial for the "Slap Chop", Vince tells you "you're gonna love my nuts". That was two years ago. Well, he's baaack!

AND he's got a new product--the "Schticky"--to sell you millions of. I have no idea whether he actually invents any of these products. If he does, he's getting even richer. This is a glorified lint roller, that is reusable and rinses clean.Its fine and everything, but the actual star is Vince as well.

Watch the two minute commercial here.

The "highlights"
-Notice some of Vince's older products in the the Slap Chop
-at :22 seconds, there's an appearance by Vince's cat. He uses a very pointed description of said cat. Funny.
-He also pokes fun at his 2009 arrest. There's a "mug" shot of Vince from Florida.

Welcome back Vince! I can now sleep easy at night again. "You're gonna clean your home in a quickey, when you use your Schticky"