We've all seen shipping containers on trailers being hauled behind semi-trucks, or on railroad cars. When they retire these containers, they put them up for sale. Many have been purchased and turned into homes. Now, some have been purchased and set up in Sparta to be new homes for local businesses!

The Village of Sparta started setting up these shipping containers last year. The hope was to spur economic development for new startups and small businesses. It seems to be working!

Sweets 4 Days Bakery and Creations went from working in their home last year to now being located in one of the shipping containers. Owners Alesha Bout-Murphy and Passion Ganaway said they had their grand opening about a week ago. Their desserts have been flying out the door.

Some of the other businesses set to open include:

Lemon and Lola Boutique, selling trendy, stylish affordable clothing & accessories, is also opening up in one of the shipping containers. Hotbox Restaurant (opening Monday, April 5th) and then Wild Bee has their grand opening planned for Saturday, April 17th.

Here is a story that Fox 17 did on the businesses...

The businesses are located on E. Division in Sparta.

It's nice to see something that has outlived its life as a shipping container recycled into something else that can be useful. Let's hope this is a trend. I've seen some pretty cool houses made out of connecting a few of these things together. I expect that we will start to see more of these containers around west Michigan in the future.


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