In Battle Creek, there's a man who's on the Sex Offender list who wants to open up a Food Auction store to "help the community". But people in the neighborhood are a bit upset, and don't want him to be able to. Because his store would be right next door to a toy store, and only a few blocks from a school.

This isn't a guy who peed in a park, and got on the list. Reece Adkins served 14 years for second degree criminal sexual conduct to a person under 13-years-old. So, an actual sexual predator.

The law states very clearly that he cannot live or work within 1,000 feet of a school, and he's apparently just outside that boundary. But the law doesn't prohibit him from opening up right next door to a toy store! So that's where he wanted to set up shop.

Now, the landlord has cancelled his lease upon finding out that he is a sex offender, so it doesn't look like he'll be setting up there, but still the question remains:

Should a registered sex offender be allowed to live or work within a certain distance of a toy store, or other place frequented by children?

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