After over a year of living amidst the coronavirus pandemic, most schools have turned to a virtual learning experience at some point in time. And now that virtual learning has been proven to work (kinda...), some school districts around the country are planning on using their virtual learning setups to get rid of days off because of extreme weather.

New York City Public Schools has announced that they will no longer cancel school because of extreme weather like snow storms.  That means that instead of students getting a day off because of snow, they will instead log on to their computers and learn virtually.

And after the largest city in the United States made this announcement, a lot of people around the country are starting to ask the question "should we get rid of snow days?"  That question has actually been asked in West Michigan as well.  In February of 2021, Otsego Public Schools Superintendent Jeffery Haase played with the idea of removing snow days from the school district.

Nothing has been finalized, but the question is out there in West Michigan and we want your input.  What do you think? Let us know by voting in our poll below.

As of right now, no Michigan school districts have implemented any plans to remove snow days in exchange for virtual learning.

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