Are you ready for what could be the sickest smart phone yet? If so, you may want to start saving your money now!

I have never been that had to have the next big thing, but when I saw the new Galaxy Fold, I have to admit, I actually became excited. No not like that...get you head out of the gutter...LOL!

I know that the phone companies have not launched 5G but its only months away and the new Galaxy phones are already for the new speed and with some incredible new features.

Can you imagine unfolding your phone into a tablet? Well that is exactly what is going on with the new Galaxy Fold. This sick phone actually morphs into a tablet and this bad boy can charge another phone just by sandwiching them together.

There is only one issue with this new Galaxy, we may need a second job to pay for it because the price comes in at a whopping $1, quote Joe Dirt...daaaaannnnggggg.

This new miracle phone will allow you to watch Netflix, Google something and answer text messages all at the same time. Sweet!

Galaxy will also offer in the new S10 line:
  • 5.8 inch S10e @ $749
  • 6.1 inch S10 @ $899
  • 6.4 inch S10 @ $999
Galaxy has stepped up on the camera that has multiple zoom features plus the colors are more vibrant and reduce blue light exposure to help reduce eye strain.
All in all...this looks like a pretty sweet phone so I don't know about you but I may need to upgrade my phone!

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