In these days of high gas prices, it doesn't pay to be a thief.

When Mecosta County Sheriffs Deputies responded to an alarm going off at a rural home last week, they encountered a man fleeing the scene.

After running his license plate on their computer, they found that the car had been reported stolen in Grand Rapids and immediately gave chase.

The chase didn't last that long.

The thief led deputies eastbound on M-20 at a high rate of speed before slowly coming to a stop. It seems the man, identified as 41 year old Jared Thielbar of Norton Shores, had forgotten to gas up before going on his little crime spree, and ran out of gas just west of Mount Pleasant.

He is currently lodged in the Mecosta County Jail facing charges of fleeing and eluding, breaking and entering, motor vehicle theft, possession of stolen property and open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

Theilbar was arraigned in the 77th District Court and remains in custody with a $35,000 bond.

It turns out that gas was so expensive that Thielbar couldn't afford to gas up his newly stolen rig. That's why he broke into the house setting off the alarm, according to WOOD 8 News: he was in the process of stealing gas.

As Alanis Morrissette might say, "Isn't that ironic, doncha think?"

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