A sign spotted recently at an ice rink in Walker speaks to the level of enthusiasm that parents bring to their kids sporting events. 

I was fortunate growing up, both my parents took a very hands off approach to my sports participation. While they encouraged it, they didn't show up to my games. At all. Ever. And while that may be sad to many, to me it meant the world. Other kids' parents were always yelling at them to do better, and I wanted NONE of that stress.

This sign was put up at an ice rink in Walker and it says all you need to know about what led to its being put up.

PremierBromanov via Reddit
PremierBromanov via Reddit

The sign photo was later posted in a youth hockey forum, and it prompted this heart warming story from a reader named LNFSS:

I loved when my dad would be at games. Whenever a parent would start being a real BLEEP he would be on their ass about it and he straightened out a lot of teammates parents over the years.


The most memorable incident was a goalie buddy of mine that I played with for many years had a loud mouth abusive dad that would freak out on his son all the time. Dad would talk to him every once in awhile but he'd start being a real dick again a few games later. One game, he let in a weak shot from center and between periods his dad came into the locker room furious and picked up a stick and hit his son with it. Dad grabbed him by the throat and dragged his ass into the hallway and absolutely lost it on him then dragged him out of the rink. Dad ended up getting him into some anger management classes and helped straighten him out. The goalie friend thanked my dad a few years later because that put the end to his abuse and closet alcoholism.


I plan on being just like my dad whenever I have kids and they're playing sports. You're not making the game any better, you're just embarrassing your kid and making them hate playing the game.

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