The butterflies are back at Meijer Gardens. Well, technically still just caterpillars at this point.

Okay let's be official here... Spring starts on March 20th. Which is still a month away. That said, it feels like summer in the greenhouse of Meijer Gardens.

The first Monarch caterpillars have been released! Keep your eyes peeled and you'll spot them munching on the milkweed that is planted throughout the Grace Jarecki Seasonal Display Greenhouse.

Fred & Dorothy Fichter Butterflies Are Blooming runs March 1 through April 30.

Meijer Gardens via YouTube

So about a year ago I went to the gardens and took this video. I seem to remember it being cold outside but, obviously, warm in the greenhouse.

There were tons of butterflies to see last year, and tons to see this year as well. By tons I mean 7,000 or so, give or take.

The official numbers:

  • 70% HUMIDITY

If you want hours, rules, ticket pricing, and other info ... hit up this link.

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