Wow...why are celeb's so weird? Maybe we normal folk are just as strange, but they just don't publish our sorrid tales on the front of Yahoo. Sinead O'Connor, that pillar of mental strength, got married about 3 weeks ago, and it's already over. That was quick!

O'Connor married her 4th husband Barry Herridge on her 45th birthday, and have split after just 18 days of wedded bliss. According to Rolling Stone, the unbreakable union was actually finished "within three hours of the ceremony being over. The marriage was kyboshed by the behavior of certain people in my husband's life." Good use of "kyboshed" Sinead! Go rip another picture of the Pope up--oh, wait. No TV show will let you back on to be the crack pot you are. Sorry.

Speaking of pot, that's another whole problem for the former Mrs. Herridge. She and her "other" went on a wild Vegas ride looking for Hash, since Baldy doesn't drink. Hash? Who the F smokes Hash? What is this, a Beatles songwriting session from 1968?

The whole Rolling Stone story is here: "Sinead O'Connor Ends 18-Day Marriage"

Here's Sinead's famous appearance on SNL with Sinatra...


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