If you have a smart phone or tablet, you may have used the virtual assistant known as Siri. She can be very helpful at times.

Over the weekend Reddit's Apple community started reporting on Siri's interesting answer for the definition of "mother"...

If she is asked to "define the word mother" -- she will. But then she will ask if you would like an additional definition. This is where you have to be careful. DO NOT say "yes" if you are near children or people who may easily be offended by certain words!

Siri apparently has a potty mouth!

It doesn't seem to work for everyone. Below is a video of me doing it on my iPhone. (PLEASE NOTE: There is a certain word at the end of the video you may find offensive. Watch at your own risk!)


Thank you Siri. You can go now! And no -- I won't be asking for the definition of "Son"!

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