Is 2021 going to be the year that we keep telling you of buildings being hit by vehicles? Just the other day, Sandy's Donuts posted to Facebook that during their holiday closure, someone ran into their building with a vehicle and did substantial damage.  Now WZZM reports that in Cutlerville, a sleepy driver did major damage when they drove through a building.

WZZM says the accident happened Thursday morning when a driver heading south on Division in Cutlerville near Inca Drive, apparently fell asleep.  As you can see from the video that a nearby homeowner captured on their security camera, the truck is heading down the road before veering to the left and crashing into the building to the left.

The building had a sign for MKW Associates but WZZM says that the business was closed permanently, according to Google, which is probably good since the truck was actually just sitting inside the building.  Unlike with Sandy's Donuts, the driver couldn't just drive away, because their vehicle is now part of the building.

A Kent County Sherrif deputy told WZZM that the driver refused medical attention, so thankfully they weren't hurt when the accident happened.

Since the driver is fine, I feel I can reveal, this is one of my bucket list items, to drive into a building.  Actually, I want to drive through like a Mall - I mean I have very slowly because of radio and the Easter bunny (we were driving him to his egg hut) - but I wanna go fast. (I sound like Ricky Bobby, lol) I also at some point want to be in a police chase, but I don't want to go to jail, so really both will probably remain bucket list items.


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