Talk about Deja Vu...

If you were in the West Michigan area back in the late 70s, you remember "Big Sid". He was a huge snake that escaped his cage and was on the loose in Standale. Now we have reports of another large serpent missing in the same general area.

History Repeats Itself

It was on June 23rd, 1978, that Big Sid escaped from his container while the Wonderful World Circus was staying in Standale. For weeks, people were on the look out for this 16 foot python who weighed in at 140 pounds.

Big Sid was eventually captured -- almost exactly a month after his escape. Steve Rapolevich and his wife were bicycling on Maynard Avenue on the evening of July 24th when they spotted the snake who has slithered away from his cage. It took six men to hold Big Sid. As news of the snake's location hit the airwaves, over 500 people gathered to watch the capture of Big Sid.

Big Sid T-shirt
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Here We Go Again

WOOD TV 8 is reporting that there may be another big snake slithering around that same area. Here we are 44 years after Big Sid's escape and the Kent County Sheriff's department has received reports of a missing pet boa constrictor on the loose again near Standale.

The snake has been spotted near Indian Mounds Drive in Walker -- not too far away from Millennium and Johnson Parks, just south of Standale.

The Kent County Park Staff has been informed of the snake sightings, but they are not currently searching for it.

A boa constrictor can grow to 8-10 feet in length. They aren't generally a threat to people, however the snake could prey on small animals (including small pets).

Boa Constrictor
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Anyone who sees the snake is encouraged to call animal control. A warning has been issued that one should not try to catch the snake yourself, or interact with it.

Here is the report from WOOD TV 8...

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