Back in 2011, then-Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger used his final day in office to reduce the sentence of Esteban Nunez, a man who was convicted of killing 22-year-old college student Luis Santos, from 16 years to less than six. Nunez is the son of former California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, a friend of Schwarzenegger's, and was released from prison on Sunday (April 10) morning.

Upon hearing the news that the younger Nunez had been released had been released, an incensed Snoop Dogg took to Instagram to call out the former Governor of Cali for releasing the convict but refusing to grant clemency to former Crips gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams, who, in 2005, was killed by lethal injection in California's San Quentin Prison.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger a straight bitch. Punk muthafucka," he said. "How the fuck you gon' let this nigga outta jail but you're gonna kill Tookie Williams? Because homeboy was your friend. You're a bitch. You're a punk. Muthafucka, I can't stand you. You are one muthafuckin' racist piece of shit. Fuck you Arnold Schwarzenegger."

In 2008 Esteban Nunez and his co-defendant Ryan Jett attacked and stabbed 22-year-old Luis Santos near San Diego State University's Fraternity Row. The two men killed Santos in a drunken fit of rage after they were denied access to a party. Nunez took a plea deal and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Nunez's father was a political ally to Schwarzenegger during his time in office and backdoor dealings between the two led to the reduced sentence. "I feel good about the decision [to shorten the prison term]," the former governor told the Sacramento Bee in 2011. "I mean, of course you help a friend."

The Santos family sued to stop the governor's commutation but a Sacramento judge could not overturn the judgement calling it, "repugnant" but not illegal.

"Our son has paid his debt to society and will continue to meet all legal and financial obligations to the victim's family as agreed," the Nunez family said in a statement obtained by the New York Daily News. "He is committed to continuing the work of healing, self-reflection and spiritual growth."

"He absolutely is not reformed," Santos' mother Kelly told The News. "I don't think he has the character to change. I think that in the near future, probably the next couple years, he'll start trouble again with more people and hopefully it will end badly for him."

Check out the rest of Snoop's reaction below.

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