30 Year report shows West Michigan is one of the snowiest places in the country.

If you love snow, lots of snow, Michigan is the place for you.  But it's not just Northern Michigan or the Upper Peninsula getting all that white stuff.  That Lake Effect snow is serious business.  That must be why two cities in West Michigan are in the top 10 snowiest cities in the United States.  Let's break it down.

Using data from the Nationa Weather Service (NOAA) the data below shows the average annual snowfall in each city over a 30-year span.

3 of the Snowiest Cities in the U.S. are in Michigan

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The top 10 average annual snowfall report from the National Weather Service had one big surprise for me.  That would be #7 Flagstaff, Arizona.  We think of Arizona as super hot and bone dry.  However, Flagstaff is over a mile high in elevation.  You can see the top 10 list below and check out the much larger list with more info by clicking here.

  • #10 Grand Rapids, Michigan – 57.5 inches
  • #9 Elkins, West Virginia – 59.9 inches
  • #8 Juneau, Alaska – 60.1 inches
  • #7 Flagstaff, Arizona – 61 inches
  • #6 Buffalo, New York – 70 inches
  • #5 Caribou, Maine – 70.3 inches
  • #4 Erie, Pennsylvania – 75.3 inches
  • #3 Muskegon, Michigan – 76.2 inches
  • #2 Sault Ste Marie, Michigan – 83.5 inches
  • #1 Syracuse, New York – 92 inches

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