Look, I'm a White Sox fan. Jim Thome plays for the Twins. Enough said. Thome DID play for the White Sox for almost 4 seasons, and he's generally regarded as a heck of a guy, player and teammate. And he just hit his 600th career home run. Only 7 other players in 135 years of Major League Baseball have hit that many.

So why isn't Thome getting way more coverage or respect? Is it because 600 homers isn't the stat it used to be, with performance enhancing drugs tainting the sport in Thome's heyday? Why does Kalamazoo's Derek Jeter (a great player in his own right) have an HBO special about him reaching his 3000th hit (which had been done by 27 other players in the same 135 years of MLB play) and Thome has...well...not much.

The Sports Network from Canada, and reprinted by our broadcast partners at WZZM 13 asked the same question...in a story they called "Opinion: So when is Thome's HBO special?"

Good read....and a good question.


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