So, this Memorial Day Weekend you, friends and family will probably have a gettogether. Big cookout and lots of liquid refreshment. And, quite possibly, you'll be drinking out of the ever-popular Solo Cup! Did you know those lines on those party cups actually mean something?

The website In The  featured a post by TikToker Lindsay Roggenbuck (@lindsayroggenbuck) .

According to Lindsay,  the lines on party cups can actually serve as marks for measuring alcohol!

The top line, according to Lindsay, is equivalent to a pint of beer.

The next line below measures twelve ounces, according to Lindsay, which is the standard beer bottle size

The second-to-last line measures five ounces, according to the TikToker, which is approximately one serving of wine.

And finally, the last line on the cup is equal to one fluid ounce, which is the equivalent of a shot.

I see yourself saying now, WOW, I have been way over served! Ha! We all have!

In reality not all so-called party cups are Solo, but they certainly got the brand.

Interestingly, Solo brand claims that their current line of party cups doesn’t feature any measuring lines. Solo’s website says what the lines represent is “one of the greatest mysteries of our time.” While their original party cup, which launched in the 1970s, had the measuring lines, their current line of cups is “square-based with four grips to minimize spillage,” and no longer has the lines for measuring.

Andy Rent
Andy Rent

Not to worry though, because cups with lines are still out there, actually in my cupboard, too.

Happy Memorial Day celebrating.....responsibly!

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