This is why it's important to check your numbers if you're going to play the lottery.

The Detroit Free Press says that a winning Powerball ticket worth $100,00 went unclaimed and expired on Monday at 4:45 p.m. The ticket was purchased at a BP Gas Station in Dearborn last year. People have one year from the drawing date to redeem their prize.

That means someone lost out on a lot of money!! So what happens to the money when a situation like this occurs? The money goes to the School Aid Fund which is allocated for school districts, colleges and employee retirements in Michigan. According to, in 2016, the Michigan Lottery contributed about $889 million to the fund.

The Free Press says that this is the second biggest lottery winning to go unclaimed this year. In May, someone failed to claim their $105K prize.

The Michigan Lottery's 'Unclaimed Prizes' shows that another Powerball ticket is going to expire in July. This one being worth $50,000.

Just a friendly reminder to check your tickets!! I would hate to be that person to realize I could've been a whole lot richer!

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